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Livestock: Animal Science, Animal Welfare in Farming Practices, Biodiversity

  • Against the Wind Ranch - Offers colt-starting, horse training, multi-discipline horsemanship, cattle working and roping, workshops, boarding, seminars and lessons. United States.
  • Agricomm - Agricultural communications on the internet.
  • Agriculture World - Online link to the agricultural community; services provided to agricultural producers, businesses and breeders.
  • Antwi Farms - Project to help people worldwide find various information about animal production. Also has information pages on swine and chickens.
  • Ayers Creek Ranch - Specializing in cashmere and boer goats, guardian dogs, and fine fibered llamas.
  • Breeders World - Online livestock breeders directory with sheep, cattle, and hog breeders, upcoming shows and sales, livestock breed association information, and sheep, cattle, and hog supplies and services.
  • Grady County Extension - Provides an educational resource for families, farm, youth, and business.
  • Iron Horse Farm - Provides items made from fibered animals such as llamas, rabbits, goats, and sheep. Photos and information from the farm in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
  • Livestock Manure Handling - Developing an effective waste management plan which reaps the benefits and helps reduce the risks associated with the use and disposal of animal wastes.
  • McRoberts Game Farm - Offering a unique variety of exotic meats and exotic animals including yak, llamas, donkeys, buffalo, deer and camels. Located in western Nebraska, USA.
  • Old Hall Estate - Breeders of a variety of rare or traditional breeds of cattle, sheep, and swine in the UK.
  • Rarelivestock - Discussion list for breeders, owners, and fanciers of rare livestock breeds including poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, and horses. Information on how to join, and public message archives.
  • Southern Mountain Horse Company - A breeding facility of rare, unusual, and exotic animals: miniature donkeys and sheep, camels, wallabies, zebras and other exotics. Ohio.

Animal Science

Animal Welfare - Farming

  • AWIC - Farm Animals - Extensive resources and bibliography related to the care and use of farm animals. Current meetings, government policies and guidelines, publications and links. From the USDA, Animal Welfare Information Center. US.
  • Factory Farmed Pigs - Illustrated fact sheet. From the Campaign Against Factory Farming. Australia.
  • Farm Animal Welfare: the Power Struggle - The struggle between the differing interests of consumers, farm animals, farmers, retailers, media, politicians, scientists, vegetarians and welfare campaigners.
  • Farm Sanctuary: Factory Farming - Features impact on animals, environment, labor, and human health of factory farming of eggs, pork, dairy/veal, beef, poultry and fish. Current issues and photos. New York and California, US.
  • Foot and Mouth Disease Petition - Background information and petition for a US policy for vaccination for foot and mouth disease.
  • Free Farmed (AHA) - Certification and labeling program for products which come from farm animals treated in accordance with American Humane Association humane standards. Links to certified producers. Farm Animal Services, AHA. US.
  • Freedom Food (RSPCA) - Labeled meat, eggs and dairy products assuring the product has come from animals reared, transported and slaughtered in accordance with welfare standards compiled by the RSPCA, which also monitors the program. Includes product availability. UK.
  • Humane Labeling Program (BC SPCA) - Developing enhanced humane standards for farm animal husbandry. What it is, goals, standards, news and press releases, how it's funded and links. From the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Canada.
  • The National Organic Program (USDA) - The Rules include livestock welfare. The Final Rule (National Standards on Organic Agricultural Production and Handling), The National List, background and history, upcoming events, training, fact sheets, application for accreditation and commercial availability. From the US Department of Agriculture, US.
  • Why Grassfed is Best! - The advantages of natural grass feeding of farm animals. Health benefits, news, and links to suppliers. Washington State, US.
  • AVMA - Humane labeling latest niche - American Humane Association certifies food animal producers employing humane standards. From the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. (November 15, 2000)


  • The American "Heritage" Mulefoot Pig - Description and history of the Mulefoot - the rarest of American swine breeds - that has distinctive solid hooves. Includes contact information for breeding. The American Mulefoot Pig Association & Registry, the mulefoot pig is critically rare per the ALBC.
  • American Livestock Breeds Conservancy - A North Carolina-based nonprofit membership organization founded in 1977, working to protect nearly 100 breeds of domestic livestock and waterfowl. Site includes research and educational resources, publications, posters and events.
  • Ancient Cattle of Wales (ACW) - Website of the ACW promotes conservation and use of the colourful breeds of traditional Welsh cattle, which trace their recorded history back to the 10th century. Limited information but links to organiser. Site also in Welsh.
  • Arreton Rare Breeds - Website offers information on specific British Isles rare breeds: Irish Moiled and White Park Cattle, Wensleydale and White Face Woodland Sheep and Cleveland Bay Horses.
  • Diversity of Sri Lankan village chicken - Site presents information about an assessment, covering all districts of Sri Lanka except Mulativu and Kilinochchi, of the diversity among village chicken. In cludes photos of breeds and production systems.
  • Domestic Animal Diversity Information Service (DAD-IS) - The key communication and information tool for implementing the FAO Global Strategy for the Management of Farm Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR).
  • EAAP Animal Genetic Data Bank - Comprehensive site of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) covering the status of animal breeds in the 46 member countries in Europe. Full datasets on all breeds. Contact details of National Coordinators.
  • International Livestock Research Institute - genetics and genomics programme - Documenting genetic diversity among indigenous livestock breeds of developing countries, fostering conservation of indigenous breeds, identifying disease-controlling genes and designing breeding programmes to improve productivity in low-input environments
  • Irish Moiled cattle society - Information about this rarest traditional, dual purpose, hardy Irish breed of ancient lineage. Breed history and characteristics and current details of all registered Irish Moiled cattle and their breeders.
  • League for Pastoral Peoples - Supports local communities that share the care and raising of indigenous domesticated animals for commercial purposes. Primary work is being done in India. Lists events, publications, photos and resource links.
  • Loss of Domestic Animal Diversity - Paper identifies factors and pressures responsible for declining genetic diversity of livestock: destruction of the native habitats; increasing genetic uniformity; farmer and/or consumer preferences; and proposes responses. Useful FAO references in paper and the rest of this livestock and environment site.
  • New Zealand Rare Breeds Conservation Society - It conserves, records and promotes rare and minority breeds of farm livestock in order to maintain genetic diversity. Website has information about breeds at risk; on-farm conservation projects and the development of a gene bank; and updated addresses to many other relevant organisations and websites in New Zealand and around the world.
  • Rare Breed of Australia - This organisation the amalgamation of the Australian Rare and Minority Breeds Association and Rare Breeds Victoria. Site has breed profiles, events calendar, newsletter and educational project details.
  • Rare Breeds Canada - Organization dedicated to the preservation of rare breeds of livestock and poultry. Located in Castleton, Ontario. Includes mission statement, photos, species priority list and information on the host farm program.
  • Rare Breeds in Yorkshire, UK - Rare breeds of livestock. Links to sheep,cattle,pigs,goats and poultry rare breeds sites.
  • Rare Breeds International (RBI) - The only international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that aims to prevent the loss of diversity in global farm animal genetic resources (AnGR) through encouraging and supporting relevant activities and research by NGOs and governments
  • Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) - Founded in 1973 to conserve Britain's native livestock heritage - and since then, no breed of British farm animal has become extinct. Provides official summary of the annual RBST Watchlist with over 70 rare UK breeds, including cattle, goats, horses, pigs, poultry and sheep.
  • Ryeland Sheep - One of the oldest British sheep breeds and a rare breed in some countries. Earliest reference in 12th century of Herefordshire monks trading wool from these sheep grazed on ryegrass. Site provides breed history, details, news and links to other relevant rare sheep breed sites. Some commercial content.
  • SVF Foundation, USA - SVF Foundation aids in the Conservation and Preservation of Heritage Breeds, Rare Breeds and Endangered Livestock and is located in Newport Rhode Island, USA. Site contains details of animals conserved by SVF as well as links to key resources.
  • USA: Heritage Breeds Conservancy (HBC) - Established with the New England Livestock Alliance (NELA) to raise and preserve rare breeds of livestock for the purposes of conservation, genetic diversity and to benefit future generations; via selective breeding, increased production and public education. Links to many heritage breeders throughout the USA.
  • USA: Randall Cattle Registry - Comprehensive information about conserving the rare Randall cattle breed. Current breed status, photo gallery, links to related sites.