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Ag Import/Export Agent Sites

  • Import/Export Ag Resource Sites
  • Andesur S.A. - Chilean exporters of agricultural products, fresh and frozen fish, timber mouldings and processing machinery.
  • C-Shore International Inc - A US export trading agency offering export and domestic deals for growers and processors. Specialists in peas, beans, lentils, milled rice, grains, and other commodities.
  • Mex-Ex Global - A US trading company focused on marketing bulk agricultural commodities worldwide. Includes a list of products handled, procedures and news.
  • VIPGermes - Export agent in Bulgaria offering essential oils, medicinal herbs, wines, trade and marketing services.
  • Winds Trading - Paraguayan exporter of agriproducts including organic sugar, oilseeds, edible oils, timberwood, stevia, yerba mate, grill charcoal, electric pumps and motors.
  • Aablo Inc - Netherland exporter of cut flowers and potted plants. Includes company details, pictures, news and on-line ordering.
  • COLEACP - An interprofessional association of exporters, importers and other stakeholders of the Europe - Africa - Caribbean-Pacific horticultural trade.
  • AgChemAccess Ltd. - International agrochemical brokerage presents products offered and wanted, and industry news.
  • Agrosimex - Imports and distributes pesticides for fruit and vegetable production in Poland.
  • Alteya Group LLC - A Bulgarian company specializing in the production and export of rose oil.
  • Asia Agro Tech - Exporters of pellet-shape organic fertilizer.
  • Fleuron - Imports, exports, markets and distributes fertilizers and associated products.
  • Grow More - A Californian manufacturer of water-soluble fertilizers for agricultural, horticultural, hydroponics, and home gardening uses. Includes company background plus sections on biostimulants and micronutrients.
  • Petrus Commodities - Brazilian agribusiness with information about alcohol and ethanol marketing and exportation.
  • Rajena Exports Pvt Ltd - Exporter of agricultural products, vegetable oil, fertilizer, and organic manure from India.
  • Rutmarg - An Indian trading house offering agrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, veterinary, industrial grade chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Sopatana Import-Export Ltd - Importer of Binadan organic fertilizer in Thailand.
  • Stimulus Management Services - Exporters of speciality pharmaceutical intermediates and herbal extracts. Product range also includes pesticides such as malathion and synthetic pyrithroids. Located in India.
  • Tea Seed Powder - A China manufacturer and exporter describing how their product will act as an organic fertilizer and also its use in shrimp farming to eliminate predatory fish in prawn ponds.
  • Unicon International Group Ltd. - Chemical trading company in China, offering fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, raticides, and plant growth regulators, as well as a range of miscellaneous chemical intermediates.
  • Yirher Chem and Hort Co - An import and export company specializing in NPK, chemical powder, liquid, organic, foliar, compound and micro element fertilizer. Located in Taiwan
  • Animal Medics - UK manufacturer and exporter of animal health and veterinary products to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.
  • International Genetics Ltd. - Canadian company exporting breeding stock of cattle and swine to worldwide markets. Includes company information and breeds available. In English and Spanish.
  • Rem Systems - Importers of medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary products for distribution in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.
  • Ruvera - Importers of pharmaceutical, chemical, farm supply and veterinary products for distribution in the Baltic region, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Byelorussia. In Lithuanian and English.
  • TK Exports Inc - USA exporter of livestock genetics with facilities to ship large quantities world-wide. Includes sections on procurement, shipping and experience.
  • Vety-Care Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Limited - Importing drugs, equipment and livestock for the poultry industry in Pakistan. Includes information on product sources.
  • Xi'an Hengtong Guanghua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Export and manufacture of veterinary pharmaceutical and fodder additives.



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