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Agricutlure Economics Sites

  • Agricultural Issues Center - UC Davis - Provides information on the Center, working papers, and discussion of the research agenda.
  • Agricultural Market Information Virtual Library - Resource guide to agricultural market information: selected sites organized by commodity, region or on market analysis. Provided by Michigan State University.
  • AgriNet - Texas A&M University - Useful as an entry point in obtaining agricultural data for economic analysis and business modelling.
  • Andri, Kuntoro Boga - Graduate student at Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Saga University, Japan. Agricultural economics.
  • Australia Bureau of Rural Science Social Sciences Centre - Contributes to BRS research in addressing natural resource management questions. Project areas, reports, publications, and background on the centre's history, resources, and methodologies.
  • Center for Agricultural Business (CAB) - A research facility for agribusiness that is located at California State University at Fresno. Page includes list of publications, programs, services, and current projects.
  • China Agricultural Economics Group - University of Queensland research projects and publications of the China Agricultural Economics Group.
  • Economics Department at SWFREC - Providing cost, price and market information to Florida farm owners and managers.
  • Economics of Forest Protection and Management - Features online abstracts and full-text publications, presentations, and download datasets addressing forest economics issues of the Southern US and beyond. Produced by the scientists of this research unit of the USDA Forest Service's Southern Research Station, located in North Carolina USA.
  • EDIRC - Agricultural Economics Institutes - Portal for academic departments, research institutes and associations that are focused on agricultural economics topics.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills of Farmers (ESoF) - This project will examine the economic social and cultural factors hindering or stimulating the development of entrepreneurial skills of farmers.
  • Foreign Agricultural Service - USDA - Offers links to current information on a variety of agricultural issues in multiple countries.
  • GATT-95, WTO and Agriculture: Introduction - This is the entry point in finding out what the World Trade Organization is all about in general, and as it affects agriculture, in particular. From there, links to related sites of interest to reader can be accessed.
  • International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture - ICRA provides professional training in interdisciplinary team research in agriculture.
  • Medium Term Outlook for Dairying in the Developing Countries - Explains the impact of the change in feed support policies in more developed countries have had on developing countries' level of dairy production. Includes chart that compares the two "worlds" into total output, per capita supplies and net import quantities.
  • Oil World - Provides analysis of world supply, demand and price outlook for 10 oilseeds, 17 oils and fats, and 12 oilmeals.
  • Regoverning Markets - A research project that is conducted to discover the impact of the growing numbers of national and multinational food processing and retail outlets as it affects small farms in developing countries. Areas of study include East Africa, Southern Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. Page includes list of objectives and conference schedule.
  • Southern Rural Development Center - Land grant research and education for the southern U.S. states and Puerto Rico.
  • USDA: Economics, Statistics, and Market Information System - Gives projections of expected market growth based on current trends of economic development in the less developed countries. Charts compares forecasted exports to imports from the years and other financial indicators. Covers details on crops and livestock, as well as inherent assumptions in compiling the data.

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