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Livestock Management Sites

Management sites for Cattle, Goats, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Equine/Horses, Dairy, Exoitcs: Bison, Emu, Ostritge,

Cattle/Ranch Management

  • Goat Management
  • Sanzidur Rahman - Information related to agriculture, fisheries, forestry, livestock and energy resources planning and management with particular emphasis on Bangladesh. atch)
  • Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd - Provides farm management information, herd testing, artificial breeding services, DNA analysis, farm advisory extension service,
  • CESER Project - Countermeasures, Environmental and Socio-Economic Responses - European Community investigation of measures (such as deep plowing, special fertilizers,
  • Western Wool Marketing - Australia. Independent wool brokers offering risk management and marketing services, laser scanning of fleeces, livestock sales and wool
  • University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service - Information and educational programs on farm management , pest control, livestock production, yard and garden )
  • Colorado State University Cooperative Extension - Information for consumers about crops, farm management , food and nutrition, gardening, insects, livestock , resources
  • Nutrient Management - Information on issues related to nutrient management for crop production, livestock production, business management , regulations and policy, and the
  • Dairy/ Livestock - Animal Science majors receive both theoretical and hands-on education in the management of livestock , dairy cattle, poultry and horses. Students interested in dairy or livestock production concentrate on the influence of genetics, )
  • Herd Management 2000 - A customized software solution for bison, cattle, and livestock management .
  • Ranch Vision - Ranch management software that brings the technology used by Fortune 500 companies, to the grazing livestock industry.
  • Newborn Lamb Management - Care of the newborn lamb from VA Cooperative Extension.
  • Families Against Rural Messes (FARM) - Anti- livestock industry group's website includes information and links about animal waste management , odors, and regulations )
  • Veterinary Entomology Expert Systems - Free software for (1)house fly management in confined animal production systems, (2)poultry pest diagnosis and management , and (3) livestock pest diagnosis and management .
  • Lambing Management Tips - Nice check list for less experienced or first time shepherds.
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  • Colorado State University Cooperative Extension - Information for consumers about crops, farm management , food and nutrition, gardening, insects, livestock , resources )
  • Farm Fixation - Wisconsin-based company offering technical services. Site gives details of services including soil testing, nutrient management , fertilizers, livestock nutrition, forage
  • Saltbush Agricultural Software - Tools for farm management . Modules include livestock recording, feed formulation, horse breeding, herd productivity, payroll and a
  • GrowSafe Systems Ltd. - Offers implantable and attachable RFID management systems for livestock .
  • Herd-Pro Software - StocKeeper 2000 - StocKeeper 2000 is an easy-to-use livestock management software application suitable for dairy cattle, beef cattle, dairy goats and
  • FBS Systems - Integrated production/financial management systems for crop and livestock producers.
  • Management Practices Can Influence Predation - Predisposing factors.
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  • Josephine County Extension Office - Providing education to the community in areas of youth development, gardening, water quality, food preservation, energy conservation, )
  • Possum Gully Software - Offers recording of livestock management , allowing graziers to maximise returns and efficiency.
    Guidelines for Using Donkeys as Guard Animals with Sheep - This paper summarizes some of the management guidelines and other factors which may improve the likelihood
  • Environmental Sciences, Inc. - Provides environmental consulting services to livestock operations throughout the United States. ESI was formed to assist both crop and
  • RGS PCAM - Agricultural and livestock management program.
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  • Replacement Ewe Lamb Production - Ewe lambs born in March and April are excellent candidates to be used as replacement ewes in spring-lambing flocks. With proper feeding )
  • Society for Rational Development - Society for Rational Development SFORD is committed for the betterment of Rural Education, Rural Health Services, Agricultural
  • Farm Works Software - Offers a range of software for livestock management operations.
  • Festuca arundinacea - Tall fescue. Photographs of the plant and discussion of its use and management as a livestock forage grass, particularly in West Virginia.
  • Hi-Plains Systems, Inc - Specializing in livestock management software.
  • Flaman Stores Inc. - Western Canada based agricultural dealer specializing in grain storage management . We also handle livestock equipment, flat deck trailers, electronic )
  • Magnum Digital, Inc. - Software products for livestock management .
  • Tangent Properties, Inc. - Property management company serving the Tampa and Brandon area. Includes commercial and residential properties plus livestock for sale.
  • Bowman Farm Systems, Inc. - Creators of software for cattle records, herd performance analysis, and livestock management called CattlePro. Includes forums and other product
  • Clark Conservation District - Promotoes management in weeds, grazing, and livestock . Also includes information on manure composting.
  • National Livestock Management Database - Offering livestock farmers a means of
  • Goats R Us - Provides grazing services for brush control and weed abatement for homeowners, private land managers, and public agencies. Includes profile and a summary
  • AFIMILK - Dairy herd management systems - Offering a variety of automated and data management systems for livestock producers including herd management software.
  • BS Systems - Integrated production/financial management systems for crop and livestock producers.
  • Dairy Quest - A set of programs to manage dairy livestock , including stock management , feeding, and scheduling.
  • Ranch Resources - Ranch management services include administration, planning, crop production, livestock , and natural resources. Managers of southwestern Montana
  • Feeding Management for Show Lambs (PDF) - Top/Business/Agriculture_and_Forestry/ Livestock /Sheep/Club_Lambs
  • Nechako Valley Agriculture - Information on the contribution of the farming industry to the local economy. Crop, livestock , weather, integrated resource management and
  • Feed Inventory Aid to Management (PDF) - A simple feed inventory can be a valuable management tool when planning your livestock feeding program for the upcoming year.
  • Flaman Stores Inc. - Specializing in grain storage management and livestock equipment, flat deck trailers, electronic tread-mills and other types of farming equipment and
  • Yossi Lidsky M.Sc livestock Nutritionist - Milk Replacer formulation and production. Management and Nutrition of rearing young calves.
  • Austbreed - Providing veterinary expertise in animal health for cattle, sheep, and goat producers, including risk management strategies for livestock disease and biosecurity.
  • Agricultural Publishing - Farm and Country - Focus on marketing and management information for the new generation of commercial farmers; includes: beef, chickens, corn,
  • Centre for Animal Biotechnology - Promotes and conducts research in large animal species that will contribute significantly to the development of improved methods for
  • Temple Tag - Offers full line of quality products for herd management and livestock identification. Product, price, and contact information. Catalog and samples on request.
  • Boontech - Manufacturers of livestock handling equipment. Also makers of management software, ultrasound and other electronic devices for detecting oestrus
  • GENELINK - Genelink, in conjunction with Advanced Breeding Services, offers clients a total livestock project management service.
  • Aleis International - Suppliers of StocTraka herd management software system using radio frequency identification to track livestock .
  • Rocking M Ranch - Breeding and sales of registered and unregistered Pygmy Goats, registered Kinder Goats, and Boer/Spansh Goats. Livestock herd management
  • Llama - Alpaca - Donkey Magic - Providing agistment and complete management for alpacas, llamas and donkeys on a short or long term basis. Also providing "hands-on"
  • Thomas Real Estate - Stock and station agents offering regular livestock market, rural and residential property sales and management , auction and clearance sales.
  • Webb Bros - Real estate agents and auctioneers offering rural property and livestock sales, management and marketing in the Gloucester area.



  • Basic Goat Primer - Extensive information on goats. Breeds, care, goat clubs, books and supplies.
  • Goats and More Goats - Extensive information on goats from the Irvine Mesa Charros 4-H Club. Information on goat breeds, care and health issues, an interactive goat anatomy quiz, and video files.
  • Goats WebRing - Information on how to join this ring, and a link to the index of member sites.
  • goatwisdom - Information and links for goat breeders.
  • Karwarn Station - A site specializing in problems and solutions for hand rearing Australian feral goats. Useful for all breeders. Located in NSW, Australia.
  • Oklahoma State University - Goat Resource Library - A variety of links to goat resources on the web.
  • Seven SNJ Farm - Breeders of Alpine, Saanen, and experimental dairy goats. Farm and goat details; and stud services available.
  • Shepherd's Gate - Raises LaMancha and Alpine dairy goats in North Central Kansas. Includes animals for sale and breeding schedule.
  • Alaska Mini Goat Cache - Club open to all Alaskan owners and fanciers of miniature goat breeds. Photos, news and views, and a goat berry snack recipe.
  • Boone Companions - The Boone Companions of central Missouri - dedicated to the promotion of goats of all types and getting the public educated about goats and goat products. Club information, and calendar of events.
  • British Goat Society - Information about goats and goatkeeping in the UK with many photos and links to other sites.
  • The Goat Veterinary Society - Formed in 1979 to promote interest in and improve knowledge of goats in the veterinary profession. Information on their background and goals, their officers and membership. Based in the UK.
  • Kansas Meat Goat Association - Promoting meat goats in Kansas. Features classifieds, related links, and membership information.
  • South Carolina Meat Goat Association - Association to promote meat goats in South Carolina. Site contains general information about raising goats, links, membership information, and information about upcoming events.
  • Virginia Meat Goat Association - About the VMGA, calendar of events, goats for sale, and links.
  • The Goat Connection - Web hosting, web site development, and ads are all offered by Khimaira Farm.
  • - Specific destination site includes business opportunities, buy, sell, trade as well as education, advertising, nutrition, research, chat room, free stuff, links, photographs, and lists, for goat people worldwide.
  • Boer Family Farms - Breeding show quality Saanen goats and also Boer goats. Includes farm profile, photos, and goats for sale. Located in south eastern Iowa.
  • Bonnie Blue Farm - Explore a grade A goat dairy in the making in middle TN. On line herd brochure of award winning Nubian and Saanen dairy goats.
  • ChrisDan Farm - Replacement Dairy Goats Mainly Sanaan With some Alpine Crosses For Sale.
  • Crescent Ridge Farm Dairy Goats - Breeding show quality Toggenburg, Oberhasli, and Alpine dairy goats.
  • - Online information source for dairy goat breeders including a breeders list and free classified ads.
  • Echo Hill's Farm Dairy Goats - Raising registered Nubians, Lamanchas, Mini-Nubians, Mini-LaManchas, and Mini-Oberhalsis for milk and show. Top U.S. Bloodlines available.
  • Echo Lake Dairy Goats - Brief information from the owners of a small herd of Toggenburg/Alpine Experimentals which they show competitively. New Hartford, CT.
  • Elite Dairy Goats - Australian breeder of dairy goats available for export.
  • Forrest-Pride Dairy Goats - The Forrest-Pride herd is located in the beautiful hills and forest of the Missouri Ozarks. The herd consists of about 20 to 25 quality does and bucks, bred for consistency in health, temperament, production and show.
  • Kayloma Farms - Small dairy farm in Greenville, WV. Kayloma Nubians Smooth Design. We are also known for our Grooming and Boarding Kennels.
  • Khimaira Farm - Dairy goat farm located in Luray, VA, USA. Nubians are the primary breed. Offering gifts and supplies including pasteurizers.
  • Knowles Island Farm - A South Carolina based goat farm specializing in registered Nubian dairy goats. Excellent bloodlines.
  • Little Creek Ranch - Home of boer goats and a mixture of dairy goat breeds. Texas.
  • Pearl Valley Alpines - An informative site showcasing our quality Alpines. We are located in Cortez Colorado.
  • Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm - A Minnesota dairy goat farm marketing goat milk and cheese in the upper midwest since 1972. Purebred Alpine, Nubian, Saanen, and Toggenburg breeding stock for sale.
  • Purina Mills, LLC - Offers health food nutrition for goats. Includes a dealer locator, informational library, and kids pages.
  • Short Hill Dairy Goats - Information on Alpines, Nubians and LaManches. Goats for sale, and semen. Leesburg, Virginia.
  • Treasured Tapestry - We have a small farm. We raise Purebred Nubians Dairy Goats, Great Pyrenees as Guardians, Shetland Sheep, California Red Sheep, Colored and White South African Angora Goats.
  • Udderly Texas Caprine - we raise lamancha and nubian goats. we also have donkeys, mules, horses, and other stock.
  • Website of Toddbrook Dairy Goats - The Toddbrook Herd of prize winning British Saanen and British dairy goats aims to breed large and productive milk recorded goats with good conformation.
  • Willowbank Toggenburgs. - Pure Toggenburg dairy goats bred in England. Hardy goats with consistant milk yields.
  • Wood Oaks Farm - Goat raising with information about the dairy breeds, goat driving, recipes, links and photographs.
  • Cyber Goats - All about goats including goat shows, goats for sale, artificial insemination of goats, links, advertisements, and goat breed information.
  • Goat Kingdom - Directory providing over 1200 goat farm links and over 500 goat information links.
  • The Goats from Spain - The spanish goat world with information concerning the breeds, production, cheeses, and breeders. English and Spanish versions.
  • - Caprine web portal. Provides breed information, live national show coverage, free email, informative articles, and a goat breeder directory.


Swine Management
Poultry Management
  • Antwi Farms - Extensive information on swine production, including various free research papers and regular updates.
  • Garth Partnership Pig Advisory Services - A specialist pig veterinarians site. The site describes the services offered by the veterinary group. In an effective but somewhat dated layout.
  • Iowa Pork Industry Center - Works to promote efficient pork production technologies in Iowa, maintain Iowa's pork industry leadership and strengthen rural development efforts.
  • National Hog Farmer - Focuses on management practices and research information to keep hog/pork producers competitive.
  • Pork - Business magazine for professional pork producers.
  • - Information site for the global pig industry and platform for Whole Hog twice monthly newsletter.
  • - Global hub for information on pigs, hogs and swine, updated daily. Includes over 2000 articles from managing health and treating disease through reproduction and waste management. Also provides daily news, links and features plus employment and events message boards, discussion forum.
  • American Berkshire Association - US national registry for the Berkshire breed of pigs. Includes organization information, news, and information fro producers.
  • Arkansas Pork Producers Association - Provides organizational structure and avenues of service which our membership can promote pork as the Meat of Choice in the 21st century.
  • The Canadian Duroc - Since its introduction into Canada at the turn of the century, the Duroc has become one of the country's most popular breeds. Information and contact for breeders' association.
  • CANSWINE - Canada's Swine Breeders Association.
  • Certified Pedigree Swine - Registry of the Poland China, Chester White, and Spotted breeds in the United States. Features forms, publications, calendar, history, and show and sale results.
  • Iowa Pork Producers Association - Provides leadership in areas related to the industry in order to enhance Iowa pork producers' opportunity, profit, success and stewardship.
  • National Pork Board - The home for information about the pork checkoff system and checkoff-funded activities.
  • National Pork Producers Council - National Pork Producers Council focuses on the legislative and public policy issues for its members. Based in Washington, D.C., the NPPC develops strategy and is the primary liaison for pork producers with Congress, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other regulatory agencies.
  • National Swine Registry - Registry for the Yorkshire, Hampshire, Duroc, and Landrace breeds. Services include litter registrations, performance pedigrees, breed promotion, and marketing assistance.
  • Wyoming Pork Producers Council - The WPPC is interested in education, agriculture and economics of pork production.
Sheep Management
Equine Management
Exotics Management
Dairy Management
  • Armstrong Creek Bison Co. - Bison farm, featuring bison meat for sale, as well as breeding stock. (Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin)
  • Bailey The Buffalo - Site about a tame buffalo.
  • Bison Finder - An internet portal for the bison(buffalo) industry. Anything bison related can be found there.
  • Bison Production Guide - Provides information on all aspects of the commercial raising of bison. Additional sources of information are also provided.
  • The Bison Ranch at Coteau Ridge - Buffalo breeding stock, raised on the native prairie where thousands of bison roamed centuries ago. Information about breeding stock sales, and buffalo hunts.(Pingree, North Dakota)
  • Blue Mountain Bison - Meat sales, breeding stock, bison hunts (Lyons, Colorado)
  • Buck Farm Bison - Bison farm that has animals for sale, meat, by-products, handling equipment, and a gift shop.(Austinburg, Ohio)
  • Buffalo Gal - Home to Cody the buffalo actor. Offering buffalo meat,and specialty items. Nutritional information and recipes are also included. (Houston, Minnesota)
  • Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch - Ranch producing high quality buffalo, elk and reindeer products for consumers and restaurants in the Calgary area. Information about breeding stock, recipes, order information and photo galleries is included. (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Century Game Park - Bison farm offering animal, and meat sales along with poems, and tours. (Warkworth, Ontario)
  • Coulee View Bison - Quality bison raised on their original native prairie. Animals for sale, as well as meat and other by-products. (Wilkie, Saskatchewan)
  • Creamery Brook Bison - Bison producer offering meat sales, farm tours, gifts and souvenirs. Cooking tips, cook books and bison trivia are also included. (Brooklyn, Connecticut)
  • Diamond Tail Bison Ranch - Bison producer that places emphasis on range grazing techniques. Animal and by-product sales.(Jelm, Wyoming)
  • Double R Bison Ranch - Dedicated to furthering the awareness of the bison. Includes poetry, recipes, and information on White Lightning a white bison calf born on the ranch.(South Branch, Michigan)
  • Elk Mountain Ranch - Bison ranch offering animals for sale. With information on hunts, and vacations.(Elk Mountain, Wyoming)
  • Gem Farms - Buffalo Farm offering, animals for sale, meat and by- products sales, along with Native American gifts.(Castleton, New York)
  • Grande Premium Meats - Bison meat products and pet foods available. (Del Norte, Colorado)
  • The Great Lakes Buffalo Company - Breeding stock, buffalo meat, and recipes, herd photo gallery is also included. (Cheboygan, Michigan)
  • Happy Buffy Ranch - Buffalo Ranch in the Ozark Mountains, with photos of the animals. (Witter, Arkansas)
  • High Wire Ranch - Bison for sale, farm/ranch layout consulting, and tax tips.(Hotchkiss, Colorado)
  • Holeman Farms - Bison bought, sold,and traded. Includes pictures of the herd. (Sand Hill, Mississippi)
  • The Homestead Ranch - Buffalo ranch, featuring hunts,breeding stock,and meat sales. (Goodland, Kansas)
  • L.T. Bison Ranch Inc. - Bison operation offering, everything from breeding stock to meat and by-products. Native poems and items pertaining to the native and bison heritage. (Stony Plain, Alberta)
  • Lucky "B" Bison Ranch - Promoting the breeding of premium bison and the promotion of the health conscious benefits of bison/buffalo meat. Also has breeding stock for sale or trade, meat sales, and information about the yearly Bison Festival. (College Station, Texas)
  • Majestic Bison Farm - Bison producer, featuring meat sales, nutritional information, and events listings. (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
  • Montana Buffalo Ranch - Bison ranch offering breeding stock, hunts, bison meat, and by-products. Lustre, Montana, USA.
  • Observatory Rock Bison Ranch - Recipes, breeding stock, pictures, and history from this Bison Ranch. (Jefferson, Colorado)
  • Ogarc Bison Ranch - Ranch based in Northern British Columbia, Canada offering organically grown bison.
  • Rainbow Run Bison - Located on the traditional bison range, offering meat sales, pictures of the animals, nutritional information, and recipes. (Fort Lupton, Colorado)
  • Ranch les Beaux Bisons - Naturally raised, grass fed, buffalo meat and by-product sales. Information about the annual Festival of Bison is also included. (Riguad, Quebec)
  • Scenic Mesa Ranch - On line store offering meat sales, leather furniture, and other specialties. Ranch lodging and hunting packages are also available. (Hotchkiss, Colorado)
  • Silver Bison Ranch - Bison ranch, and gift shop. Breeding stock, meat, and by-product sales. Bus tours and hayrides are also offered. (Baldwin, Wisconsin)
  • Spomer Bison Ranch - Red Barn Bison Company - Bison for sale along with meat and by-products, also includes information on absentee ownership program. (Milliken, Colorado)
  • Texas Buffalo Exchange - Information about bison used in the cutting horse industry. Buying, and selling yearlings, and calves (Gainsville, Texas)
  • Twin Springs Farm - Maryland farm specializing in live bison for sale and for meat.
  • Whitehorse Valley Buffalo Ranch - Animals raised using free range techniques. Animal , meat, and by-product sales are included, along with recipes. (Darrington, Washington)
  • Wigness Bison - Producer offering breeding bulls and heifers for sale. (Admiral, Saskatchewan)
  • Woodlands Bison Ranch - Information on animals for sale, along with photos of the herd. (Fort Assiniboine, Alberta)
  • Bison Central - Joint venture of the National Bison Association (US) and the Canadian Bison Association. Provides information on bison history, bison meat, raising bison, events, links, classifieds and shopping. Also included is membership information for these international organizations.
  • Bison Centre of Excellence - Information on bison and bison ranching in Canada and the United States. Contains articles, news, events, links, bison ranch listings, free classifieds, health, recipes, and cooking tips.
  • Dakota Territory Buffalo Association - Includes sale dates, bison links, calendar of events, a trading post, and membership information.
  • Eastern Bison Association - Information about buffalo raising and ranching in the Eastern United States.
  • Great Plains Bison Association - Organized to preserve the true nature, vitality and genetic diversity of the Plains buffalo, Bison bison. Contact and membership information.
  • Iowa Bison Association - Information about the association and its members, with recipes, animals for sale, and bison related links.
  • Manitoba Bison Association - Promotes the Bison industry,and consumption of bison meat in Manitoba.
  • Michigan Bison Association - Identifies members, board members and outlines membership requirements.
  • Minnesota Buffalo Association - Promoting the American bison and bison products, support for American bison raisers, fellowship with American bison enthusiasts.
  • Missouri Bison Association - Membership organization dedicated to the preservation,expansion,and promotion of the American Bison and the bison industry in Missouri.
  • Montana Bison Association - The Montana Bison Association was established for the promotion of the bison and its industry. The association seeks to promote this fast-growing industry while educating the public about the entire aspect of this majestic animal.
  • North Dakota Buffalo Association - Includes frequently asked questions about buffalo, membership, calendar of events, products, news and related links.
  • Northwest Bison Association - Includes calendar, news, products, links, rancher profiles, and frequently asked questions about buffalo.
  • Oklahoma Bison Association - Organized to help promote the bison industry in Oklahoma through seminars,newsletters,and annual shows and sales.
  • Pennsylvania Bison Association - Source for contacting bison producers, bison/buffalo meat retailers and wholesalers in the Eastern US. Latest news on bison auction results from around the nation.
  • Saskatchewan Bison Association - Formed to promote the Bison industry,and develop markets outside the farm gate for its members.
  • Union québécoise du bison - L'Union québécoise du bison regroupe les producteurs de bison et travaille à structurer la mise en marché de la viande de bisons avec la collaboration de la Fédération des éleveurs de grands gibiers du Québec.
  • Wisconsin Bison Producers Association - Includes the board of directors, membership information, events listing, and a buy, sell, and trade link.