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Agriculture Finance: Resources for Investing in Commodities & Futures

Other Ag Finance Sites/Services/Tools

  • GrainGuide - Historical seasonal tendencies and the latest fundamental research for speculators and hedgers in the grain futures.
  • Grain Service Corporation - Provides hedging and risk management expertise and futures brokerage to agriculture and energy companies.
  • Premier Cru - Fully managed wine portfolios. All investments free from CGT and income tax.
  • Ag Watch Market Advisors LLC - Providing market advisory services for grain producers.
  • Floyd Upperman & Associates - Commodity trading advisory service that assists its members in learning how to trade using a proprietary system. Commentary by a full time trader, over 400 charts updated daily.
  • - Advisory based on a stochastics system, for trading soybean futures.
  • Taurus Corporation - Providing trading advisory. Systems and non systems trading programs available.
  • - News, proprietary analysis, quotes and features about the coffee industry.
  • - Cotton information resource.
  • Shootin' The Bull - Resource center for information pertaining to cattle futures. Online tutorial, Hedging with Options 101 by Chris Swift.

Agriculture Finance: Resources for Investing in Commodities & Futures - Financial Advisory Services

  • Astor Business Ventures, LLC. - Specializing in managed futures and accounts for stock index futures.
  • Brent Harris Elliot Wave - Advisory using Elliot Wave analysis.
  • Bruce Kenison Futures Advisory - Daily Fax or email provides buy and sell recommendations on 21 markets.
  • Chartewel Commodities - Offers Full-Service, Discount and Managed Accounts. Chartewel takes a technical approach to trading the markets - looking for high probability trades, using Gann, Fibonacci and other indicators.
  • - Summary of the COT Report.
  • Commodity Trader - Free commodity charts and quotes. Paper trading help market comments by Canadian broker, Marty Hibbs.
  • - Bill Reynolds branch manager at Union Securities Ltd., Kitchener Ontario branch.
  • Discount Futures Guide - Listing of Discount Online Futures and Commodities Brokers, including lowest Commission Rates, Minimum Account Size and Clearing Firms.
  • Ellington Commodity Advisors, LLC - Offering managed futures programs for both institutional and private investors.
  • Emini Futures - Educational information on all emini and e-mini futures and options.
  • Fibo - Futures advisory service for Russian speakers
  • Futures Guy - Research and support for any level of trader.
  • Futures Knowledge - Daily market commentary from brokers world-wide.
  • Futures Prefs - Weekly forecasts published every Sunday with updates every evening for Forex, precious metals, energies and index futures.
  • - Technical and fundamental analysis, seasonal studies, and trade recommendations.
  • - Free commentary from many leading analysts and a watchdog for the futures industry.
  • Investors Depot - Futures Education and Commodity trading information portal. Free futures quotes, futures charting, futures education center, online commodity trading and more.
  • Lee Investment Services - Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Forex and Options Advisory Service.
  • Mark D Cook Pathway to Trading - Twice daily advisory service. Winner of the 1992 U.S. Investment Championship.
  • Moore Research Center, Inc. - Offers delayed quotes, historical trading strategies, historical spread strategies, seasonal pattern charts, option volatility charts, and correlation studies.
  • National Futures Association Review - National Futures Association and CFTC Enforcement Actions,Press Releases Analyzed by Experienced Professional for Insider Story on Futures and Commodities Brokers.
  • The One Minute Trader - CTA trading avisory service mostly for emini futures.
  • Optimus Trading Company - Education, market commentary and research for the beginner or experienced trader.
  • PageTrader Real Time forecasts - Provides short term intraday and long term visual forecasts for the S&P.
  • Pit News - Research and helpful advice for beginners.
  • The PitMaster - Commentary from select brokerages with links to educational resources.
  • Poser Global Market Strategies Inc. - Offers several advisories, The Global Markets Anticipator is deliverd by daily email or fax. Intraday updates are provided to clients as needed.
  • "Shootin' the Bull" - The resource center for information pertaining to cattle futures and commodities futures trading.
  • SmartDayTrader - A nightly newsletter for day traders. Specializing in detailed technical analysis with precise intra-day pivot points for trading the S&P, OEX, QQQ, SPY and Treasury Bonds.
  • - Discover the secrets of Spread Trading. Information from Joe Ross.
  • Technical analysis of financial market instruments - Technical analysis of currencies, bonds, and indices. Portfolio analysis and management.
  • The Texas Trader - Thoughts and experiences in the journey of a futures trader.
  • - Technical analysis and trades, including account balance.
  • Trading futures - Guide to futures trading by somebody who was almost ruined by it.
  • Trading Markets - Market analysis, indicators and commentary on the commodity and futures markets.
  • Trading Review - Chart review and explanation of the most impressive moves for commodities and stocks in history.
  • - Collection of many timeless articles on trading stocks, commodities, futures and options.
  • Trends In Commodities - Provides a daily market newsletter.
  • Ullrich Analytics - Consulting services and technical analysis to help mid-size companies manage financial and commodity price risk.
  • - Trade recommendations and analysis of 10 leading advisors. All have

Agriculture Finance: Resources for Investing in Commodities & FuturesFutures - Exchanges

Agriculture Finance: Resources for Investing in Commodities & FuturesFutures -Research and Analysis

  • Bridge Commodity Research Bureau - Offers a collection of news, fundamental and technical research products.
  • Cedar Creek Trading - Combines ancient mathematics with modern indicators to produce daily commodity graphs with recommendations.
  • - Commodity chart pattern recognition and analysis. Over 100 examples.
  • - Technical analysis of 40 futures markets with trades recommendations.
  • Commodity Information Systems, Inc. - Emphasizing the art of commodity trading through a program of economic research. Established in 1968, CIS publishes Price Perceptions, Grain Insight, and Tech Trends.
  • Daytrader's Bulletin - Real time signals and intraday commentary precise buy, sell, management, and exit signals. Daytrader's Mentor program,
  • Fortucast - Barry Rosen's commodity market timing services.
  • Impulsive Profits - Offers free daily buy and sell signals via email, Elliot Wave crash course.
  • TFC Commodity Charts - Tracks many major commodities and financial indicators, making the information available free online. Updated every market day.
  • Commodity Library - Online resource for quotes, charts, research, and news.
  • Trade Winds - Weather forecasts for the world's major crop growing and energy using regions plus specific commodity trading recommendations.
  • - Market-driven information service provider delivering global weather forecasting and reporting to the

Agriculture Finance: Resources for Commodities & Futures Training

Agriculture Finance: Resources for Investing in Commodities & Futures - Directories

  • the Chicago Mercantile Exchange,



Agriculture Finance: Resources for Investing in Commodities & Futures - Trading Systems

  • Advanced Trading Systems Inc. - Long term trading systems for financial futures. Toronto, Canada.
  • Advanced Trading Systems, Inc. - Buy/sell recommendations, real time signals for futures markets. Florida, USA.
  • Allegro Trading Systems, Inc. - Technical systems and course.
  • - Offers Monarch, a trend following system and intra-day E-mini S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 data for back testing.
  • Breakout Futures - Systems and software, including the MiniMax II swing trading system for E-mini futures.
  • Brookstreet Futures - Offers a wide variety of online trading platforms. Commodity charts, simulated trades, single stock futures, and gold prices.
  • ChaosFutures - S&P 500 day trading system. Daily and hourly forecasts using fibonacci, fractal and chaos math paradigms.
  • Chuck Le Beau's System Traders Club - Moderated forum, and free educational material. Several trading system with hypothetical performance statistics.
  • Cognitrend - Behavioral analysis of global markets including the development of trading software.
  • Commodex - Futures trading system; subscribers can access a bulletin board with the latest trading signals.
  • CTG Futures - Trading systems and indicators for the S&P 500 and other futures markets. Power day trading for the S&P.
  • Dallas Day Trader - Day trade and position trading system for the S&P 500.
  • Delta Society - Delta Phenomenon, attempts to plot every turning point for any market in advance.
  • Dollar Trader - Intermediate term program for trading the currencies.
  • Dr. John F. Clayburg Systems - Offers several custom trading systems and indicators for stocks and commodities.
  • Dual Thrust Trading System - Ranked by Futures Truth for the past 15 years. This system trades most of the futures markets and Internet stocks.
  • - Futures trading system via email.
  • FuturesUnLTD - Trading systems for the S&P and Dow Jones. Subscription service, no data feed or software required.
  • Grail Global Trading System - A collection of trading systems for global derivative markets. Subscription service offers signals for a variety of markets.
  • HedgeAnalytics - Designs and builds rule based trading systems for use in financial markets. The company also performs keyword and syntactic analysis on web-based news media.
  • Index Trader - Designed to trade the SPI, Hang Seng, DAX, FTSE and SP500 index futures contracts.
  • Intertext - Trading systems for financial and physical commodity futures traders. Live signals and trade recommendations. Lease or purchase options. Russian Federation.
  • Jurik Research - High-Tech software modules for individual investors and financial trading system development.
  • Kwikpop - TradeStation and MetaStock Pro swing trading plugins for the Nasdaq and E-mini futures.
  • Local Knowledge - Investment trading information and momentum indicator services for the S&P 500, NASDAQ, US Bonds futures.
  • Mark Brown - Offers several proprietary trading systems and courses covering system development and online trading.
  • Market Analytics - Indicator packages designed for use with TradeStation or SuperCharts software.
  • Market Auction System - Proprietary trading system and personalized coaching with real-time assistance utilizing instant messenger.
  • Market Technologies Corporation - Features Louis Mendelsohn's VantagePoint software, intermarket analysis and neural networks for system trading.
  • Marvel Trading System - Subscription system, algorithmically trading the E-mini and the S&P.
  • Mesa Software - Adaptive Trading Systems.
  • MindFire Systems - Commodity trading systems.
  • The Original Turtles - The official site of Richard Dennis' student traders. Free rules of their commodity trading system.
  • Peak Strategy - Offers Strategy Shaper, a tool for developing trading strategies.
  • Power Trade Signals - Limited subscription service based on the Power Trade system.
  • Raven Trading - Energy trading, structuring and risk management.
  • Rotating Directional System - Futures system workbook and tutoring.
  • RS of Houston - Trading systems and workshops for the S&P 500 and Emini markets.
  • - Providing advanced forecasting for FFA traders in the shipping or shipping related industry. Subscriber based service.
  • SmarteTrades - TradeStation Systems for Emini, SP and equities.
  • S&P Bankbook - Day and swing trading systems for the S&P Index. Offers entry, stop, and exit rules.
  • SPI Trading - Short term mechanical system designed to trade the Australian SPI index futures contract.
  • Stafford Trading Company - Offers two trading systems. The first is designed to trade all markets, the second is for day trading the S&P 500.
  • - Subscription service offering computer-generated trading strategies for the foreign exchange, and futures markets.
  • Strategic Trading Systems Inc. - Commodity trading systems that are tracked by independent evaluator Futures Truth Inc.
  • Striker Securities, Inc. - Chicago based futures and securities brokerage specializing in services for managed and self-directed system trading.
  • SystemRank - A sortable, online database of commodity trading systems ranked by user defined parameters.
  • Tortoise Trades - Mechanical system suitable for small accounts. Receive email when trades are generated. Pay only for trades that make money.
  • Trade Factory - Trading systems for stock and commodity traders. Completely automated, systematic approach.
  • Trade System Inc. - Two systems, Aberration for general commodities and Ascendx for the S&P 500.
  • - Technical trading systems, analysis, interactive Java charts, and quotes.
  • Trend Simplicity - Trading systems for most financial markets.
  • - Trend trading system for futures.
  • Trending Markets - Trading system combining technical and fundamental data. Analysis focusing on the Commitment of Traders data.
  • Trotter Trading Systems - S&P 500 trading system, designed to identify market direction over the short term. Offers option calculator, volatility statistics and put/call ratios.
  • TurtleTrader - Teaches the turtle trading techniques, a system of risk control and money management.
  • Voodoo Trader - Chart pattern setups, automatic trendlines, and swing trading approaches.
  • Winning Edge S&P Trading Methodology - Non-mechanical system and course based on chaos theory by Dr. Ned Gandevani.
  • WolfeWave - A rhythm based technical system similar to Elliot Wave analysis. Identifies waves of supply and demand that form their own equilibrium. Written by Bill Wolfe

Agriculture Finance: Commodities & Futures Associations


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