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Agricutlure Credit Sites



  • Ranch Management
  • ADAS - Consultancy and research organization for agriculture and food, rural development and environment in the United Kingdom and overseas.
  • Adival Conseil - A French company offering advice on strategy, production channels analysis and development projects throughout Europe and North Africa. Site is available in both English and French versions.
  • Advanced Dairy Analysis LLC - Information from Dr. Greg Goodell on profitability management, health monitoring and financial monitoring for your dairy operation in the United States.
  • AFC Consultants International - Offers management consulting in agribusiness, food and life science industries, located in Germany, Bonn.
  • Affmech Close Corporation - Provides consultative and educational services to organizations and individuals, in the area of cost reduction in agriculture, with an emphasis on organic farming.
  • AgDixie - United States company offering services worldwide including production agriculture, agribusiness, human and animal health, and patented human and animal metabolic waste (plus grease) odor control technology.
  • Agra CEAS Consulting - This company has offices in the United Kingdom and Belgium and specialises in agri-food, policy and economic analysis.
  • AgResource Company - Independent information, statistical research, and advisory firm, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Agricon Africa - Agribusiness consulting service based in Cape Town, operating through south and central Africa. Site includes various financial modelling tools.
  • Agricultural Engineering Associates - Engineering consulting services for commercial and production agriculture, bringing technical services to grassroots agriculture. Based in Kansas.
  • AgriDesk España - Provide facilitating advice and support to international initiatives in Spanish agriculture, especially in the horticultural sector.
  • Agri-Management Group - Wisconsin-based group which can provide a 'one-stop-shop' for farm advice including personnel, financial, managerial and technical aspects, for both livestock and crop-based enterprises.
  • Agri-Mark, Inc. - Provides a full service grain brokerage service from their North Dakota base. The website includes an overview of services, market news, and related links.
  • Agrinergy - This United Kingdom company is involved in project management and emissions trading, with the focus on the Clean Development Mechanism incorporated in the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Agriprose - Agricultural Communication Professionals - Australian agricultural and rural communications company based in Queensland and specialising in media relations, conference media management, event management, positioning, marketing, promotions and web design.
  • Agriversal - An international network of professional agriculture, agribusiness and environment consultants. Web site is designed to enable visitors find a consultant from the network database or post an anonymous contract opportunity.
  • AMBIC Business Network - A group of independent consultants mostly based in south-east England, but with international experience. Each member has one page, with a list of the services offered.
  • ASI Global SA - Swiss-based agricultural services and investments company with offices in United States, Australia, China, Chile and Germany, which offers worldwide opportunities for investments in land, water and hard assets. They also farm, manage, process, upgrade, consult, trade, commercialize, and offer full range of agricultural services globally.
  • Belmont Management Consultants Ltd - A UK based consultancy company specialising in agribusiness and textiles. Services offered include: business planning, project management and industry specific technical expertise.
  • BioFarm Agricultural - Australian agricultural consultancy specialising in biological soil management for sustainable agriculture and magnetic water treatments. Carries a range of biological soil inoculants, soil conditioners and organic fertilizers.
  • Business Development Advisors - A United States group which offers business development and investment banking advice in agribusiness and biosciences, specializing in emerging and genetic technologies.
  • CA 17 International - CA 17 International is a French company which provides consultancy services in the agricultural and rural sector internationally for private clients and public organisations.
  • Cargill Agriculture Group - Weather, news, grain marketing information and agronomic advice (including pest management) updated regularly. This site represents Cargill Fertilizer, Cargill Grain, and Cargill Hybrid Seeds.
  • Carmel International - Company provides advice on water supply, irrigation, and agricultural systems. No mailing address given.
  • Cash Grain Bids - Subscription based website which advises on best United States grain markets taking into account freight costs.
  • CEDE Center for Development - A private institution that offers consulting services in training, education, information, as well as extension and technical assistance for sustainable development in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru and Bolivia.
  • Chain - A free-lance Dutch consultant offering expertise in water and environmental management.
  • Cirrus Partners - A networked United States company offering business consultancy services. The site offers details of potential projects, services and personnel
  • Commodity & Ingredient Hedging (CIH) - A Chicago company which advises on how better to manage the price of the commodities which are sold, handled or used on a regular basis through a fully integrated hedge program. Useful weather, news and market price information on the site.
  • Commodity Concepts, LLC - Grain advisory service located in Ohio whose main goal is to inform and develop grain-marketing strategies for the client.
  • Compatible Ventures LLC - Advice on conservation finance, real estate development and business from an adviser based in Wyoming, USA. Site provides resume, news and project pages.
  • The Context Network - The company (formerly Context Consulting) provides advice on: strategic planning, market research, research targeting, opportunity analysis, competitive intelligence, alliances and acquisitions, from its base in Iowa.
  • Crop Care Associates Inc. - A large independent agricultural technology consulting firm based in California which can advise clients in all technical areas of crop management and development. The site describes the services offered and the key personnel.
  • C&S Grain Market Consulting - Specializing in the current and historical analysis of December Corn and November Soybean futures prices. Specific projections and recommendations are made that enable farmers and traders to have better insights about the movement of prices (Illinois based).
  • The Dairyman's Link - Advice and software for the dairy farmer from a New York firm.
  • David J Bell & Associates Pty Ltd - An Australian consultant whose services include market analysis and appraisals, business plans, research and development, product and market training, and appearing as an expert witness. The site contains details.
  • Delta Enterprise Network - A group of farmers, entrepreneurs and others creating new business ventures, co-operatives and policy change in the seven Delta states, who assist each other in overcoming barriers to sustainable agricultural enterprises.
  • Don Lowe - A manager with 20 years of hands-on experience in commercial agriculture, both large and small scale, in Sri Lanka, Zambia and Mozambique.
  • Dr Richard Smart - Some viticulture information is presented on site. Offers consultation services on grape growing.
  • Dr. Uwe Schleiff - An independent expert providing international advice on all aspects of salinity and its of publications, experience and projects completed.
  • Drew Associates Limited - A private limited company based in the United Kingdom, consisting n the rural, agricultural and food sectors across the globe.
  • DTB Associates, LLP - Focus on international trade. Includes background and principal biographies.
  • DW Block Associates - Based in Portland, Oregon, this company provides advice on agribusiness management, serving clients in a broad range of agricultural sectors and industries worldwide.
  • EnSave Energy Performance - Vermont-based company works with utilities and the farming community to assess agricultural energy needs and implement effective energy programs in the United States.
  • Equine Business Resources - Company specializes in business management for racehorse owners, from its Kentucky base.
  • Equine Consultancy Group - United Kingdom company specializing in equine planning and business issues. Site gives examples of a range of services and self-help guides are available to purchase.
  • Fair Acres Stock Farms - A subsidiary company, FAF Developments Ltd., provides worldwide advice on agricultural production and business issues. The site gives details of the expertise on offer and a list of clients.
  • Farm Sector Economics - Offers advice in macroeconomic forecasting, policy analysis, and linkages to agriculture. Expert on general economic conditions and the impact on agriculture.
  • Farming Success - This site is based around a strategic management book for farmers, with the South African authors available to provide courses and advice based upon it.
  • Fintrac Inc. - Implements long-term agribusiness programs in developing countries. Features products and services, programs, and employment.
  • Flenniken Design - Equine marketing and web design, based in Portland, Oregon.
  • Flora Consult - Offers turnkey consultancy for export-oriented flower projects from its base in India, specialising in hydroponics and international marketing. They have over 15 years of experience in Africa, India and Saudi Arabia.
  • Food Environment Agriculture Consulting (Henry Brown) - Previously a senior civil servant in the United Kingdom Ministry of Agriculture, Henry Brown offers advice on strategic analysis, grant applications, foodchain collaboration and industrial crops to an international clientele.
  • Frazier, Barnes & Associates, LLC - Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, the company provides a broad range of technical and marketing services to the agricultural industry throughout North and South America.
  • Gateway Co-op - Comprehensive United States-based site which offers agricultural market data and news (with price quotes delayed by 15 minutes), and detailed weather data.
  • GIC Group - A Virginia company which offers advice in research, analysis, and marketing, together with financial services and asset management, in a wide range of countries.
  • Gidgo Ag. Design and Consulting - Design and installation of custom shade structures for agriculture applications.
  • Greenstar Resources PLC - An international renewable resources company based in the United Kingdom which provides management and investment expertise for agribusiness, forestry and the environment.
  • Greig and Associates - Worldwide management and technical services from a Florida company, for all phases of agricultural production from feasibility and cost studies through land development, to harvesting, processing and marketing (primarily in fruits and crops).
  • Helberg Consult - A German based company advises producers, processors and exporters of organic products, such as spices, medicinal plants, coffee, tea, cocoa, and fruits. Main activities are in anglophone and francophone Africa, in Asia, Caribbean, South Pacific and Eastern Europe
  • Iceni Agribusiness International - United Kingdom company advising agricultural clients on how to develop an international business. Site includes details of partners and business approach.
  • IFT Services - Consultants for the poultry industry and animal feed production. Also provides business plans, technical studies, trouble shooting and coaching. Based in Belgium.
  • Ilexum Consulting - Consulting services from Sweden for forestry, bio-energy and environmental sectors.
  • Innovation Management - Innovation Management are international agricultural consultants supporting improved crop production technologies. A United Kingdom company which provides government & commercial organisations with market research, strategic marketing and development plans, particularly in respect of improved crop production technologies.
  • International Wine Associates - A strategic management firm specializing in the global wine industry which provides hands-on corporate finance and investment advice, general management, and project development.
  • James Kirwan Agricultural Business Consultants - Irish-based, international consultancy which provides practical information and contact details to both professionals and nonprofessionals who may wish to hire an agricultural consultant
  • Kent Group Inc. - Wisconsin investment bankers specialising in financial advice to agribusiness with full details of the services offered on the website.
  • Kerry Ryan and Associates Ltd - New Zealand company offering strategic management, staff management and technical farm management advice. The site includes archived publications and newsletters, and free management document templates.
  • LatinAgri Consulting - A network of consultants headquartered in Argentina which specialises in marketing, ag-business and financial services. The site is available in Spanish and English.
  • LH Timberlands Consulting, Inc. - Forestry and timberlands management company covering Oregon and Idaho.
  • LMC International Ltd - Provides economic, marketing and planning services in the field of agricultural products and their downstream markets and synthetic substitutes. The company is based in the United Kingdom with an office in New York.
  • LSC International, Inc. - A Chicago-based corporate advisory firm for all levels of the global agro-food chain whose services include strategic consulting, technology assessment, investment banking and global organizational development.
  • Mackenzie Cook Associates - Business planning and grant application consultants in the United Kingdom to the agricultural, horticultural, agribusiness, fish, food processing and general manufacturing sectors.
  • Market Solutions LLC - Market research, business strategy consulting, economic analysis and evaluation for corporate and trade association clients worldwide, from a Maryland-based company.
  • Marketbase - Marketing and communications consultancy based in France specializing in food marketing, promotion, and research in Europe on behalf of American exporters and national and regional associations.
  • Michele Payn-Knoper - United States based speaker who provides motivational and training packages to agricultural and agri-food businesses, including: 'Celebrating Agriculture', sales training, and community relations programs.
  • Midstates Bank Farm Management - Provides professional farm property management, real estate brokerage, and appraisal services to land owners throughout Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska.
  • Midwest Agriculture Appraisal Service - Appraisals for agribusiness professionals that deal with big animal livestock and farm equipment. Page includes credentials.
  • MycoRoots - Oregon-based company offering advice on, and identification of, mycorhiza including truffles and Coral fungi.
  • OIDCI Official Website - Phillipine consultancy which can provide services covering integrated development, natural resource management, local governance, and institution building. Includes full details of the services offered, together with a discussion forum and details of publications.
  • Peter Baker - United Kingdom consultant offering advice in agriculture, agro-industries and post-harvest technology in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Central and Latin America. Site gives curriculum vitae, portfolio of projects and picture gallery.
  • Peter Lapinskas Consulting - Advice and guidance on the commercial and agricultural development of novel crops, especially evening primrose (Oenothera spp) and borage (Borago officinalis), including location of suppliers, processors and buyers.
  • PG Economics Ltd - UK company specialising plant biotechnology, agricultural production systems, agricultural markets and policy. The site provides summaries of a number of papers considering aspects of genetically modified crops.
  • Pike Management Group Inc. - A personalised advisory service offered in Canada and Australia. The site includes details, profiles of key personnel, and news items.
  • Plexus Cotton - An international company specializing in the cotton trade, with representatives or agents in over 50 countries. The Flash-based web site includes a news section (updated every 2 or 3 days) and market reports, which are issued 2-3 times per month.
  • Primary Industry Quality Consultants - New Zealand based quality management consulting and auditing company. QCONZ operates internationally in the dairy, fertiliser and beef industries.
  • Prochaska & Company - A Minnesota company providing strategic advice to growing, middle market companies in the agricultural, agricultural biotechnology, and specialty horticultural markets.
  • Proexporter Network - Provides grain transportation and processing companies with detailed grain supply and demand data and flows, specialiseing in advanced geographic analysis of United States corn, soybeans and wheat.
  • Property and Land Management Services - Forestry, resource management, aquaculture, land management consultancy services in New Zealand and overseas.
  • R. Alexander Associates, Inc. - The company, which is based in North Carolina, specializes in composting and the recycling of organic material. Its activities include compost market research and development, as well as product development, quality issues and end use.
  • Resources International - Californian agricultural engineering and consulting corporation providing services to agri-business entities around the world. [Site has musical background]
  • Riches Communications - An Australian company based near Adelaide which provides communications services to the agricultural industry, particularly in relation to crop protection. Details and a free newsletter available on the site.
  • Roche Vineyard Consulting - Californian advisor on vineyards and wine making.
  • The SCS Group - Indian agribusiness firm providing services in the disciplines of strategy, marketing, logistics, communications, policy and training.
  • Senechal Hale & Co. - A US based company which offers advice on strategy and marketing to food and agribusiness companies. The site gives examples of their work and a list of selected clients.
  • Shanghai JC Intelligence Co Ltd - This Chinese-American joint venture offers detailed market intelligence on Chinese and global commodities, with cereals, oils & feedstuffs being the main speciality. The site includes market assessments for major crops, and more detailed reports for paid-up members.
  • SiOD - Partnership based in Germany which offers services in South America for agriculture and development, such as adult education, facility management and journalism as well as monitoring and evaluation duties. Site available in English, German and Spanish.
  • Strategic Marketing Services, Inc. - A research and information analysis firm providing marketing strategies for agribusiness.
  • Swanson's Equine Appraisals, LLC - New Mexico company providing valuations of horses, with an emphasis on the working cow horse and Foundation Quarter horses.
  • Synergetik2000 Special Projects Inc. - Canadian company offering advice on emissions credit exchange for small and medium size farm operators, business and project management, lobbying, and aboriginal development.
  • Toma & Bouma Management Consultants - A management consulting practice based in Western Canada, specializing in the food and agriculture industry. Services offered include: market planning, strategic planning, 'Value Chain' strategy development and management, and market research.
  • ULG Northumbrian Consultants - United Kingdom based company offering international consultancy & management services in: sustainable development & livelihoods, natural resources, fisheries, rural development, economic transition, water & wastewater, training & institutional change.
  • Velcourt - Farm management services, agricultural research, and business consultancy in the UK and across Europe.
  • Viettan Consulting Ltd - A Vietnamese consultancy company, with associates in Finland and the United States, which provides professional consulting services to governmental agencies, provincial authorities, public utilities, bilateral and multilateral financiers and the private sector.
  • Weather Ventures - Offers consulting on weather risk identification and management, with associated software products and forecasting services.
  • White Commercial Corporation - A Florida-based company which helps country elevators and other agricultural businesses increase margins and manage risk on the grain they handle, and originate grain effectively while helping producers market more profitably.
  • Wondu Holdings - Australian management consultancy firm specialising in agribusiness, biotechnology, textiles and food manufacturing in developed and developing economies.


  • BlueOrchard Finance s.a. - Swiss company specializing in the management of investment funds dedicated to the micro-finance industry. Serves investors, funds, and micro-finance institutions supporting sustainable development of micro-entrepreneurship in emerging economies.
  • Calvert Foundation - Non-profit organization offering community investment notes that fight poverty, finance affordable homes, fund small and micro businesses and engage in community development.
  • Coalition of Community Development Financial Institutions - National CDFI membership organization offering promotion, training, research, and networking. United States.
  • Community Development Banking List - A discussion list for practitioners in credit unions, banks, loan funds, and non-profits in the community development field.
  • Community Development Finance Association - Membership organization providing capacity building, networking, development, and research. United Kingdom.
  • Community Development Venture Capital Alliance - Intermediary serving community development venture capital funds through training, financing, consulting, research, and advocacy. US and Global working groups.
  • CommunityInvest.org - Introduction and in-depth information published by Co-op America and the Social Investment Forum Foundation.
  • Developing World Markets MicroFinance, LLC - Arranges financing for microfinance institutions in the developing world enabling low income entrepreneurs with no legitimate alternative access to capital to start and run their own micro enterprises. USA
  • The Enterprise Social Investment Corporation - Acquires, finances and develops affordable housing and other community development initiatves in underserved neighborhoods across the US.
  • Invested in the Common Good - Review of Susan Meeker-Lowry's book on socially responsible thinking, community, and activism.
  • Latino Community Credit Union - Community-based, member-owned nonprofit financial institution providing protection of financial assets, loans, financial independence and education. Fully bilingual. United States.
  • Metropolitan Housing Partnership - Community investment specialises in community funding projects, affordable houses for renting in London, alternative to council housing and shared ownership schemes. UK.
  • MicroCapital - A group of associated professionals discussing micro finance investments. Blog.
  • Microfinance Corporation - Provides financial services for customers while providing economic n.
  • MicroVest - Microfinance investment firm providing capital and management oversight to emerging . USA
  • National Community Investment Fund - Community development financial intermediary reinvesting with a community development focus. United States.
  • National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions - Coalition dedicated to strengthening the credit unions that serve low-income communities
  • Oikocredit - A large financier of the microfinance sector worldwide. Funds projects in the South acturing.
  • Opportunity Finance Network - A US-based membership organization of CDFIs. Provides capital, and reservation-based communities.
  • Self Help Credit Union - Community development deposit accounts for those wishing to help small alth families. United States.
  • The Shefa Fund - Mobilizes resources for low-income community development and shareholder
  • ShoreBank - Offers "development deposits" to investors nationwide who wish to improve the
  • ShoreBank Cleveland - Provides products and services for small businesses and entrepreneurs,
  • ShoreBank Pacific - Community development bank lending to Pacific Northwest businesses involved ucts. United States.
  • Unity Trust Bank - Provides UK banking and financial servicesto the trade union, charity, voluntary and credit union sectors.
  • University Bank - Community development financial institution and FDIC bank investing in economically
  • AgFirst Farm Credit Bank - Nationwide financial cooperative created by Congress in 1916 to provide
  • University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service - Provides information and conducts educational programs on issues such as sustainable agriculture ,
  • Unity Credit Union Limited - A member owned, community based institution offering financial services
  • California Agribusiness Credit Union - Provides financial services for the dairy and agriculture
  • Northern California Farm Credit - Financial, and management services to the agriculture , and agri-
  • Pee Dee Farm Credit - Provides loans for agriculture and country living; includes details on
  • AshLind Consulting, Inc. - A statistical analysis and SAS development consulting services firm. It has experience in the energy, energy trading, medical
  • USDA Brazil - U.S. Department of Agriculture located in this country. Their primary objective is to i
  • Valley Farm Credit - Loans for agriculture , financing information, and contact information for
  • San Juan del Sur Agricultural Project - Aims to promote sustainable agriculture and assist farmers (campesinos) in four
  • Extension Division - The University of Saskatchewan's Extension Division offers opportunities for lifelong learning in fields of agriculture , business, technology, environment, women, math, gardening, science, arts, humanities and indigenous studies. Site features information on credit and non- credit courses, tours and conferences, academic resources, contact and enrollment information.


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Ag Economics  
  • Agricultural Issues Center - UC Davis - Provides information on the Center, working papers, and discussion of the research agenda.
  • Agricultural Market Information Virtual Library - Resource guide to agricultural market information: selected sites organized by commodity, region or on market analysis. Provided by Michigan State University.
  • AgriNet - Texas A&M University - Useful as an entry point in obtaining agricultural data for economic analysis and business modelling.
  • Andri, Kuntoro Boga - Graduate student at Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Saga University, Japan. Agricultural economics.
  • Australia Bureau of Rural Science Social Sciences Centre - Contributes to BRS research in addressing natural resource management questions. Project areas, reports, publications, and background on the centre's history, resources, and methodologies.
  • Center for Agricultural Business (CAB) - A research facility for agribusiness that is located at California State University at Fresno. Page includes list of publications, programs, services, and current projects.
  • China Agricultural Economics Group - University of Queensland research projects and publications of the China Agricultural Economics Group.
  • Economics Department at SWFREC - Providing cost, price and market information to Florida farm owners and managers.
  • Economics of Forest Protection and Management - Features online abstracts and full-text publications, presentations, and download datasets addressing forest economics issues of the Southern US and beyond. Produced by the scientists of this research unit of the USDA Forest Service's Southern Research Station, located in North Carolina USA.
  • EDIRC - Agricultural Economics Institutes - Portal for academic departments, research institutes and associations that are focused on agricultural economics topics.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills of Farmers (ESoF) - This project will examine the economic social and cultural factors hindering or stimulating the development of entrepreneurial skills of farmers.
  • Foreign Agricultural Service - USDA - Offers links to current information on a variety of agricultural issues in multiple countries.
  • GATT-95, WTO and Agriculture: Introduction - This is the entry point in finding out what the World Trade Organization is all about in general, and as it affects agriculture, in particular. From there, links to related sites of interest to reader can be accessed.
  • International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture - ICRA provides professional training in interdisciplinary team research in agriculture.
  • Medium Term Outlook for Dairying in the Developing Countries - Explains the impact of the change in feed support policies in more developed countries have had on developing countries' level of dairy production. Includes chart that compares the two "worlds" into total output, per capita supplies and net import quantities.
  • Oil World - Provides analysis of world supply, demand and price outlook for 10 oilseeds, 17 oils and fats, and 12 oilmeals.
  • Regoverning Markets - A research project that is conducted to discover the impact of the growing numbers of national and multinational food processing and retail outlets as it affects small farms in developing countries. Areas of study include East Africa, Southern Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. Page includes list of objectives and conference schedule.
  • Southern Rural Development Center - Land grant research and education for the southern U.S. states and Puerto Rico.
  • USDA: Economics, Statistics, and Market Information System - Gives projections of expected market growth based on current trends of economic development in the less developed countries. Charts compares forecasted exports to imports from the years and other financial indicators. Covers details on crops and livestock, as well as inherent assumptions in compiling the data.